192 Latest Satire Topics That Are Fun And Enjoyable

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Did you ever imagine that you would be able to find a list of 192 unique satire topics about almost any subject you can imagine? Well, you are in luck. We have the satire topics you have been looking for right here on this page. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you anything to use them. In fact, we don’t even require students to give us credit when they use our ideas.

Not only will you find a list of catchy, witty and downright hilarious satire topics in this blog post, we will also give you a few tips that should help you write a better satirical essay. Ready? Let’s get started!

Writing A Great Satire

So, what is a satire and how do you creatively write one? A satire is a literary work or genre that uses humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to criticize or expose the flaws, vices or shortcomings of individuals, society or institutions. Satire is often used to draw attention to social, political or cultural issues and to provoke change or reform. Here are some tips that should help you write an excellent satire:

  • Choose a target. The satire works best when it has a clear target. Decide what issue, person or institution you want to satirize.
  • Use irony and humor. The satire is often humorous, but it should also be ironic. Use humor to make your point, but also use irony to convey a deeper meaning.
  • Exaggerate and distort. The satire often involves exaggerating or distorting the target to make a point. This can be done through exaggerating physical features, mannerisms or behaviors.
  • Use parody and caricature. The satire can also involve parodying or caricaturing the target. This can be done through imitation, mimicry or drawing a caricature of the target.
  • Be clever and witty. The satire requires you to be creative in your approach. Use wordplay, puns and other forms of cleverness to make your point.
  • Know your audience. The satire is often aimed at a specific audience, so it’s important to know your audience and what will resonate with them.
  • Use a strong voice. The satire requires a strong voice and point of view. Use a consistent voice and tone throughout your piece to convey your message effectively.

Easy Satire Topics

Let’s start the list of topics with some ideas that shouldn’t be too difficult. In fact, you should be able to write a paper on any of these easy satire topics in 2-3 hours:

  1. People shocked to learn water is wet
  2. Study finds link between breathing and oxygen
  3. Experts baffled by discovery that the Sun rises daily
  4. New study shows that exercise may cause sweating
  5. Man sues mirror for showing unflattering reflection
  6. Breaking news: Ice cream found to be delicious
  7. Man invents device to warm up cold coffee
  8. Research indicates that drinking water is essential for life
  9. Breaking news: Trees found to produce oxygen
  10. Experts discover that reading improves literacy skills
  11. New study reveals that pets can provide companionship
  12. Man creates machine to slice bread, revolutionizes industry
  13. Scientists discover that sugar can make food taste sweet
  14. Man discovers that shoes go on feet
  15. Experts warn against staring at the Sun for too long
  16. Breaking news: Exercise may lead to increased heart rate
  17. Experts confirm that fire is indeed hot

Satire Topics 2023

We know you want to write your papers on topics that are of interest at the time of writing. Here are some great satire topics 2023:

  1. The rise of the smart toilet: When your toilet is smarter than you.
  2. Facebook: When we spend more time in fake worlds than in the real one
  3. The growing trend of people outsourcing their emotions to AI therapists
  4. Influencer culture: When people become famous for doing nothing
  5. The gig economy: When everyone is a freelancer and no one has job security
  6. Fashion: Wearing clothes made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles
  7. Robot overlords: When machines take over all our jobs and our lives
  8. The cancel culture: When people punished for things they said years ago
  9. Online dating: When people forget how to make a real connection
  10. Mars: When we abandon our own planet instead of fixing its problems
  11. Fake news: When truth is no longer important
  12. The obesity epidemic: When people are too lazy to cook
  13. Social media: When people’s entire lives are lived out online
  14. Public education: When schools become little more than test prep factories
  15. The commodification of nature: When everything in nature is exploited for profit

Good Satire Topics About The 1990s

The 1990s are a great period if you want to write an excellent satire. Check out our list of good satire topics about the 1990s:

  1. Tamagotchi parenting: The struggle is real
  2. Dial-up internet: The waiting game
  3. The Rachel haircut: A national obsession
  4. Beanie babies: The great toy bubble
  5. Y2K panic: The end of the world
  6. The Real Slim Shady: Can the real musician please stand up?
  7. Juicy couture tracksuits: The ultimate fashion faux pas
  8. Furbies: The cursed dolls that never die
  9. Zima: The beverage that nobody wanted
  10. Napster: The music industry’s worst nightmare
  11. Blockbuster: The original Netflix and Chill
  12. The Macarena: The dance that haunts us all
  13. S Club 7: The UK’s greatest export (or not)
  14. The fresh prince: When Bel-Air was the only place to be

Current Satire Ideas

Do you want to write about a topic that will impress your professor? All you have to do is choose one of our current satire ideas and start writing:

  1. Zoom gloom: When video calls are just too much
  2. Crypto-mania: The wild world of digital currency
  3. Peloton obsession: Spinning toward self-improvement
  4. Vaccine FOMO: The fear of missing out on your shot
  5. TikTok trends: Keeping up with Gen Z
  6. Remote work fashion: The rise of business on top, pajamas on bottom
  7. Cancel culture: Who’s next on the chopping block?
  8. Karens: The most hated name of 2021
  9. Streaming services: The endless options for your binge-watching needs
  10. Social media influencers: Turning likes into a career
  11. The great toilet paper shortage: A pandemic panic
  12. Sourdough starters: The baked goods that took over quarantine
  13. Home workouts: Sweating it out without the gym
  14. Conspiracy theories: The truth is out there (or is it?)
  15. Online shopping addiction: The convenience comes at a cost

Hilarious Satirical Topics

Our team of expert writers created a list of the most hilarious satirical topics you will ever find. Take a look at these wonderful ideas and choose the one you like the most:

  1. Study finds breathing linked to air pollution
  2. Local man shocked to discover water is wet
  3. Breaking news: Time travel still not invented
  4. Expert warns excessive sleep may cause tiredness
  5. New study shows that diet and exercise lead to weight loss
  6. Scientists discover round Earth theory may be true
  7. Experts baffled as to why the sky is blue
  8. Man confused by mirror image, sues for identity theft
  9. Breaking news: Grass found to be green, sources confirm
  10. Man creates self-driving car, accidentally invents train
  11. Experts discover gravity may not be just a good idea
  12. Study reveals that not everyone is a special snowflake
  13. Scientists shocked to discover Sun sets in West
  14. Man discovers he’s been using fork wrong his entire life
  15. Expert warns against excessive breathing, may lead to death

Awesome Satirical Topics About History

If you are passionate about history, you should definitely give these awesome satirical topics about history a try:

  1. Napoleon introduces ‘short’ war strategy
  2. Columbus discovers already-inhabited land
  3. Henry VIII marries, divorces, beheads… repeat
  4. Ancient Rome builds impressive structures, still no Wi-Fi
  5. Industrial Revolution: when child labor was cute
  6. The Salem Witch Trials: ultimate girls’ night out
  7. Marie Antoinette: when cake was worth losing a head
  8. Christopher Columbus: the original ‘I thought this was America’
  9. World War I: the war to end all wars (or not)
  10. Renaissance artists paint, sculpt and casually invent perspective
  11. The Cold War: making bomb shelters chic
  12. The Dark Ages: who needs sanitation, anyway?

Interesting Satire Topics To Write About

Why are you still searching for the most interesting satire topics to write about when we have a long list of ideas right here? Choose the best topic for your needs:

  1. Social media influencers: the lengths they’ll go for likes and followers
  2. The obsession with the latest technology and gadgets
  3. The superficiality of modern dating culture
  4. The extreme measures people take to maintain their beauty
  5. Politicians who claim to have the best interests of their constituents in mind
  6. The ridiculousness of Hollywood culture
  7. The excesses of the rich and the obliviousness of their privilege
  8. The absurdity of sports fandom and the irrationality of rivalries
  9. The ridiculousness of beauty pageants and their outdated values
  10. The shallowness of the fashion industry
  11. The ridiculousness of reality TV shows and their manufactured drama
  12. The absurdity of fast food culture and its impact on public health
  13. The shallowness of social norms and the pressure to conform to them
  14. The ridiculousness of corporate culture and its obsession with profit
  15. The pitfalls of self-help culture and the emphasis on individual success
  16. The absurdity of conspiracy theories

Satire Topics About Society

Interested in writing a satire about our society? No problem, just take a look at our amazing satire topics about society:

  1. Man creates AI to tell him what to think, world improves
  2. Nation’s top scientists stumped by rising levels of stupidity
  3. New app allows you to outsource all your decision-making
  4. World peace achieved, people start arguing about something else
  5. Breaking news: People shocked to learn the Earth is not flat
  6. Influencers stage hunger strike for better brand deals
  7. Nationwide contest to find the most basic person in America
  8. Experts warn that the future is looking increasingly retro
  9. Study shows that reality is just a social construct after all
  10. Fashion industry introduces ‘invisible clothing’ trend, consumers baffled
  11. Politicians announce plan to replace democracy with a giant game show
  12. Majority of population willingly gives up privacy for more targeted ads
  13. Man accidentally invents time travel while procrastinating on social media

Satire Topics Social Issues

If you want to write about the most pressing social issues, we encourage you to choose one of our satire topics social issues:

  1. Plastic straws: the real victims of ocean pollution
  2. Gentrification: turning neighborhoods into theme parks
  3. Minimum wage hike: the end of the world as we know it
  4. Obesity epidemic solved with groundbreaking donut-based diet plan
  5. NRA recommends thoughts and prayers to combat gun violence
  6. Social media influencers lead campaign to cure world hunger with hashtags
  7. President tweets new plan to build a wall around Alaska
  8. Study shows that ignorance really is bliss
  9. Local school board announces plan to replace history with cat videos
  10. Anti-maskers protest outside hospitals, demand right to infect others
  11. New study finds that money really can buy happiness for the wealthy
  12. Climate change deniers suggest the Earth is just going through a hot flash
  13. Politicians propose ban on voting to protect democracy from uneducated masses
  14. Scientists discover that flat-earthers have been right all along

Funny Satire Writing Topics

Impress your professor with a witty satire. Take a look at these funny satire writing topics and start writing your masterpiece today:

  1. New study shows chocolate is healthier than kale
  2. The politician’s new book: How to Succeed by Failing
  3. Scientists discover that water is actually dry
  4. Breaking news: cat elected mayor of small town
  5. Study finds that work is a leading cause of Monday
  6. New app translates baby cries into insults
  7. Supreme Court rules that bad dancing is a constitutional right
  8. Experts recommend replacing job interviews with staring contests
  9. Local man discovers secret to happiness: never leave the couch
  10. New fad diet involves eating only paper products
  11. Fashion industry introduces the “full dad bod” trend
  12. City council to replace traffic lights with interpretive dance signals

Controversial Satire Topics Ideas

  1. Is it time to abolish political parties and embrace chaos?
  2. Should schools replace teachers with Siri and Alexa?
  3. Are child beauty pageants the ultimate form of empowerment?
  4. Do we really need to give everyone the right to vote?
  5. Is it time to bring back dueling as a form of conflict resolution?
  6. Should we legalize all drugs and let natural selection do the rest?
  7. Can we really trust scientists, or are they just making it up?
  8. Should we embrace climate change and invest in swimming lessons?
  9. Is it time to retire democracy and let a Magic 8 Ball make decisions?
  10. Do we really need freedom of speech, or is silence golden?
  11. Should we replace prisons with an annual Hunger Games?
  12. Is it time to accept that aliens built the pyramids and move on?

Satire Topics Ideas About Politics

We have more than enough satire topic ideas related to politics, of course. Here are our latest satire topics ideas about politics:

  1. Presidential pardons now available for $19.99
  2. Queen Elizabeth to become full-time influencer
  3. Chinese government replaces moon with giant screen
  4. Putin spotted shirtless riding a bear in Siberia
  5. India’s Modi introduces ‘Cow Ministry’ to boost economy
  6. Kim Jong-un unveils new line of fashionable missiles
  7. Congress debates whether pizza is a vegetable
  8. Boris Johnson found hiding in fridge during election
  9. Chinese tourists officially recognized as world’s loudest
  10. Russian spy agencies switch to carrier pigeons for secrecy
  11. Government announces new ‘Yoga for Defense’ program
  12. Kim Jong-un wins ‘Most Handsome Man in the World’ award
  13. New bill proposes that politicians wear body cameras

Topics To Write Satire About In College

If you’re a college student and want to write about something that bothers you, don’t hesitate to write your paper on one of these topics to write satire about in college:

  1. The absurd cost of textbooks and other course materials
  2. The struggle to balance academics and social life
  3. The strange and frustrating bureaucracy of university administration
  4. The ridiculous fashion trends that sweep through campus every year
  5. The struggles of trying to find a job after graduation
  6. The hyper-competitive nature of some academic departments
  7. The limited and often unhealthy food options on campus
  8. The difficulty of finding and maintaining healthy relationships while in college
  9. The constant pressure to conform to certain social norms and expectations
  10. The lack of diversity and representation in areas of the university community
  11. The often meaningless extracurricular activities available on campus
  12. The belief that success requires constant productivity and achievement

Our Latest Satire Essay Topics

Below, you can find our latest satire essay topics. This list is updated periodically and new and exciting topic ideas are added, all of which you can get help with through our custom assignment writing service. Choose one today:

  1. Mars Rover discovers first-ever alien Instagram influencer
  2. “Smart” robots now smarter than humans
  3. Time travel tourism leads to history crisis
  4. Virtual reality addiction reaches epidemic levels
  5. Obesity cured, replaced with chronic malnourishment
  6. Government creates artificial intelligence, immediately regrets it
  7. Climate change deniers now live underwater
  8. Social media replaced by government-controlled “mind-sharing”
  9. Cure for death leads to overpopulation apocalypse
  10. Teleportation accidents lead to unexpected consequences
  11. Tesla’s self-driving cars gain sentience, go on strike
  12. Amazon Prime members granted diplomatic immunity

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