Can Moodle Detect Cheating? All Details And Tricks Uncovered

can moodle detect cheating

Is Moodle tracking student activity? Can Moodle detect cheating? Are there any hacks that can help me pass my next exam on Moodle? These are just some of the questions we receive from students all around the world on almost a daily basis. It’s clear that online learning has changed the way students and professors interact. Nowadays, a professor can set up a quiz, a test or an entire exam on an online education platform such as Moodle in a manner of minutes.

Many professors don’t understand that students are not robots. We know that students don’t always have enough time to prepare for 5 tests or quizzes in one week. And let’s not forget the unforeseen circumstances that can arise and prevent a student from preparing adequately for his exams. It’s clear now why so many students are looking for information on how to cheat on Moodle quizzes.

We know some of these tests can be pretty tough. And yes, receiving a low grade means that your GPA will take a serious hit. In fact, we are pretty sure this is the reason you are looking for ways to cheat the system. Well, we have some good news for you! In this article, we will talk about Moodle and about its anti-cheating systems. We will also provide you with a lot of tips and tricks that will help you do better on your next tests.

So, What Is Moodle?

Let’s start with the basics. What is Moodle and how does Moodle work?

Moodle is a learning management system (otherwise known as an online education platform) that is free and open-source. Using this system, your professor can quickly and easily create personalized learning environments. The platform is very flexible, scalable and secure. It also has plenty of tools for professors and students. This coupled with the fact that Moodle does not have any licensing fees, makes the platform one of the most widely used in the world.

According to its developers, Moodle is an all-in-one learning platform. It has a wide range of core functions that can be enabled or disabled with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, the platform gives students and professors access to external collaborative tools such as chat rooms, forums and even blogs. As you probably know, it also makes it easy for teachers to create quizzes, tests and exams.

Can Online Courses Detect Cheating?

Can online courses detect cheating? You will see this questions posted everywhere on the Internet. Because the Covid pandemic changed the way schools interact with students, online learning has gained a huge popularity. Almost every school in the world now offers online courses through various online education platforms. There are even some myths circulating online that can put you in quite a dangerous situation:

  1. Online universities tolerate cheating. This is simply not true. Every school has a code of ethics and holds its students to certain standards. You will have serious consequences if you get caught cheating.
  2. Professors can’t demonstrate that you have cheated on an online test. Yes, they can (and they do). There are many tools that professors can use to monitor your activity and demonstrate that you have cheated.
  3. You can easily beat plagiarism checkers. Perhaps this was the case 10 years ago, but it’s definitely not the case today. Plagiarism checkers have been improved and some even use artificial intelligence to detect signs of cheating.

The good news is that not all Learning Management Solutions (online learning platforms) have tools for monitoring the activity of their students. They can’t lock down your browser or take photos of your screen at random times. Some platforms don’t even store the IP addresses of their users.

On the other hand, many of the modern Learning Management Solutions do feature at least some tools that are meant to prevent cheating. Even if they don’t have these features out of the box, the system administrator can quickly install them at any time. Remember, plagiarism is the most common method of cheating and plagiarism detection tools are becoming smarter every day.

OK, But Can Moodle Track Cheating?

The “can Moodle track cheating” question is relatively difficult to answer.

The good news is that Moodle exam cheating is possible. The bad news is that you can still get caught. Even though the platform does not have the ability to record your screen or detect when you switch tabs, it is able to generate detailed reports about your performance during the quiz. Yes, Moodle will track how long it takes you to answer each question. These statistics can convince your professor that you are cheating.

There is also another thing you need to watch out for: Moodlewatcher. This tool integrates with Moodle to provide professors with detailed information about several things:

  • Course or quiz participation
  • The time and date a student has accessed resources
  • The time and date a student has accessed forums or chat rooms

This means you can be caught looking at some resources on Moodle during the exam. And Moodlewatcher is also capable of monitoring many other actions. This makes it a very dangerous tool if you plan to cheat during your next test. Fortunately for you, we can show you some tips and tricks on how to cheat during Moodle quizzes. While there is always the possibility of getting caught, you can significantly minimize the risks.

Ways To Bypass Moodle Quiz Cheating Detection

Even though we don’t know what kind of Moodle quiz cheating detection systems your college or university has implemented, there are some things you can do without having to worry about getting caught. Here are some of the best tips and tricks on the subject:

  • Access the necessary resources before the quiz, test or exam. This way, you can’t be accused of cheating.
  • Store the resources locally on your computer or, better yet, on another laptop so that you can access them without making suspicious actions on the computer that you are using to take the test.
  • It’s a great idea to print the resources so that you can quickly get the answers you need without switching tabs.
  • Never ever copy and paste answers into your exam form. Your school may be using a plagiarism plugin to detect cheating.
  • If you have to search on Google for an answer, reword it entirely. This way, the plagiarism detection software will not be able to get a positive match.
  • If you want to make sure you pass the test with flying colors, enlist the help of an assignment writing service. Their experienced writers can help you with the correct answer to any question.

These are some of the methods you can use to take the Moodle test and minimize the risk of getting caught cheating. Of course, nobody can guarantee you that you won’t get caught eventually. Some professors even ask that you keep your webcam on during the test so that they can see what you are doing.

Also, there may be some plugins for Moodle that enable professors to monitor your actions in even greater detail. You simply have no way of knowing what software your teacher is using. This is why we recommend that you prepare as much as possible for the exam and not rely solely on cheating. In fact, cheating on a test should be your last resort. If everything else fails, get help from one of our experienced academic professionals. It’s fast and it’s cheap. It’s also 100% safe.

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So, does Moodle track cheating? Unfortunately, it does. But you don’t have to worry about it too much. If you prepare for the quiz, you will most likely get a decent grade. If you don’t have time to prepare due to some unforeseen circumstances, you can always get some professional writing help from our experts.

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Moodle Test Cheating: FAQ

If you are thinking about Moodle test cheating methods, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. In this section, we will do our best to answer the most frequently asked questions related to Moodle and Moodle test cheating.

Q: How does Moodle check for plagiarism?

A: One of the core features of Moodle is the ability to add plugins. Unfortunately for you, there are several plagiarism plugins that can be added with minimal effort. Even though Moodle does not come with any of them pre-installed, the site administrator will most likely add them in an effort to prevent dishonesty.

Q: Is there a proctoring system for Moodle?

A: Yes, there is, and it’s very dangerous for students who are attempting to cheat during the exam. It works only for MCQ assessments (quizzes) and takes a screenshot and a webcam capture roughly every 30 seconds. If you have a resource open on your screen, or if there is another person helping you take the exam, you will have to face the consequences. If you are stuck you can tell us to ‘take my online class‘ and we can help you out.

Q: Can Moodle lock down your web browser?

A: Unlike some other online education tools, Moodle can’t lock down your web browser. This means you can open as many new tabs as you want. However, keep in mind that there are plugins that can detect the action of switching tabs.

Q: What are Moodle activity reports?

A: Activity reports in Moodle are basically log data that can be downloaded by the professor. These reports also contain the pages you have accessed, as well as the exact time and date you accessed them. In addition, the logs contain the IP addresses you have used to access resources or quizzes.

Q: Should I try to learn how to hack Moodle?

A: Absolutely not! Trying to hack the platform or the administrator accounts will most likely result in serious penalties, including being expelled from your college or university. Furthermore, you may face criminal prosecution, something that has the potential to destroy your future. Bottom line, don’t try to do it.

Q: What kind of penalties am I looking at if my professor has caught me cheating on Moodle?

A: We are very sorry to hear that you have gotten in trouble. Generally speaking, you should be prepared to face the same penalties you would face if you get caught cheating in the classroom. You will most likely get a zero on the test and you won’t be allowed to retake it. In severe cases, you can fail the class, get suspended or even get expelled. Most schools have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating.

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