149 Captivating Proposal Project Ideas To Use For Your Presentation

proposal project ideas

Project proposals are a necessity. Whether you’re drafting one to suggest a project to a client, reviewing your team’s project proposal, or creating one for your school project, you must learn to write good project proposals that’ll touch every little detail and explain your intended procedures and the guaranteed solutions.

However, you need good project proposal ideas to create an excellent proposal. This may be a challenging feat, and it’s why we’ve developed several project proposal topic ideas, depending on your area of expertise. This article will explore 149 project proposal ideas to alleviate the trouble of brainstorming for your proposal.

What Is A Project Proposal?

To make a good project proposal you must at least have a basic understanding of what exactly is it.

Project proposals are the initial documents that define your project. They explain your objectives, timeline, project aims, and proposed budget. Your project proposal should aim to summarize everything you need for your project, why you need them, and the expected result of the project. In other words, your project proposal invites you to investigate an underlying problem, observe it, and offer solutions.

Tips To Create A Good Project Proposal

Writing a good project proposal is easy when you know the right way to go about it. You can utilize these tips to create a superb proposal:

  • Be concise and straight to the point: your proposal is a very short summary of your project that discusses everything you’ll do in the paper. This means you’ll be cramming a lot of information into it. Be concise, and avoid unnecessary flowery words to give your proposal more relevance.
  • Define the problem and present solutions: your proposal topic will focus on the problem you’re trying to address. However, it should also offer solutions to these problems. So ensure you add the possible solutions.
  • Do in-depth research: research is a vital aspect of projects, and it’s almost impossible to craft a project proposal when you haven’t done your research. It’s how you know the effect of your problem on society and the solutions that might alleviate it.

Proposal Ideas For Project

Having a good proposal topic is vital to writing a great project. You can create a perfect project that covers all the necessary bases, with updated comprehension using these proposal idea topics:

  1. Discuss the possibility of reducing human dependence on technology.
  2. Explain the contribution of humans to global warming.
  3. How can companies safeguard customers’ sensitive information online?
  4. Discuss the effect of sex education on teenagers. Does it enlighten or overindulge?
  5. Wireless or Cabled technology, which has more advantages?
  6. Do technological developments in libraries improve the research environment for students, or is it only a distraction?
  7. Discuss online businesses’ risk of falling prey to cyber-attacks and their prevention.
  8. Discuss the prevention and solution to child obesity
  9. Explore the relationship between antidepressants and mental health.
  10. Discuss the severity of DUI and ways to curb it.
  11. Discuss the consequences of in-vitro in test-tube babies. Are parents better off adopting?
  12. Discuss eSports as a competitive sport. Can experienced gamers transition to professional athletes?
  13. Analyze the risk of big businesses destroying small businesses operations.
  14. How can small businesses prevent bankruptcy?

Great Proposal Argument Topics

Argument topics are interesting research topics that can discuss your project from different perspectives. Here are 14 argument topics you can use for your proposal topic ideas:

  1. Are customers always right? Discuss the two sides to customer rights.
  2. Should companies train their low-performing employees or fire them?
  3. Analyze the nature of corporate responsibility and how to improve it.
  4. Should prisoners be allowed to vote in a democratic economy?
  5. Should abortion be legal or illegal?
  6. Is it ethical for parents to genetically modify their future children?
  7. Should patients with healthier lifestyles be prioritized regarding organ transplants, compared to patients who led unhealthy lifestyles?
  8. Discuss the moral ethics surrounding euthanasia.
  9. Is social media contributing to the increase in mental disorders?
  10. Should cannabis be legalized as a mental health disorder treatment?
  11. Analyze the effect of physical exercises and activities on mental health.
  12. Analyze the debate regarding the salary payment of college athletes. Should they be paid or not?
  13. Are sports betting a detrimental activity?
  14. Evaluate gender segregation in modern sports.

Proposal Essay Topics To Try

Proposal essays are solution providers to severe societal problems, so you need unique proposal project ideas for your essay. Here are topics to choose for your essay:

  1. Discuss the root cause of internet addiction
  2. Discuss the severity of cyberbullying and how it extends to negative mental health.
  3. Analyze the future of virtual reality, using Meta Verse as a case study.
  4. Analyze the benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling.
  5. Discuss the best ways to improve the teacher-student relationship in high schools.
  6. Discuss the inevitable decline of print media due to the rise of digital publishing.
  7. What are the impacts of globalization on culture and ethnicity?
  8. Are death penalties ethical?
  9. Discuss the dangers behind the legalization of gun purchases.
  10. Is capitalism a globally accepted economic system?
  11. Discuss the positive effects of recycling on the environment.
  12. Discuss the best ways to curb illegal drug use in teenagers.
  13. Explain the effect of insomnia on mental health.
  14. Can in-vitro babies be designed to be intellectually gifted?
  15. Will crypto aid in the reduction of identity theft?

School Project Proposal Ideas

You might need to write a proposal paper for your final year project or school examination. These are 14 school project proposal ideas you can use:

  1. Discuss social media as a medium of job employment.
  2. Should land-based companies outsource their jobs or hire more team members?
  3. Analyze several e-commerce strategies that business owners can use to attract new customers.
  4. Should companies engage in performance feedback for their employees?
  5. Analyze the ways of creating ethical policies in workspaces.
  6. Discuss the needed transformation corporate entities require for more effective mergers.
  7. Explain the importance of training programs for new employees.
  8. Does violence in games and movies create negative effects on education?
  9. Do fun activities improve a child’s academic progress?
  10. Discuss the diversified mode of studying associated with college students.
  11. Does family income affect a student’s educational performance?
  12. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of virtual classrooms.
  13. Examine the effect of augmented reality and virtual reality on students’ performance.
  14. Assess the importance of social media in education.

Nursing Informatics Project Proposal Ideas

Nursing informatics integrates technology into nursing information and health knowledge to improve, understand and manage health information. It aims to improve patients’ health without an increase in medical prices. If you’re writing a proposal on nursing informatics, these are 14 fantastic project proposal ideas for you:

  1. Discuss the importance of storing nursing information for future use.
  2. Analyze the benefits of biometrics to the nursing profession.
  3. Discuss the necessary skills required for nursing technology.
  4. Evaluate the priorities of future investment in informatics.
  5. How does technology affect small nursing practices?
  6. How is data research improving the safety of patients?
  7. Analyze the controversial discussions on nursing informatics
  8. Is technological adoption good news for the nursing section?
  9. Can hospital nurses keep patients’ information safe through technology?
  10. Discuss the process of telemedicine.
  11. Does nursing informatics help medical nurses in rural areas?
  12. Does nursing informatics improve the quality of service nurses offer?
  13. Discuss the significance of technology in medical healthcare.
  14. Discuss the implementation of nursing informatics for Alzheimer’s disease.

Photography Project Proposal Ideas

Finding the best topic for your photography project is piecemeal, as we have 14 ideas you can use, expand, and create top-notch proposal topics from:

  1. Can photography be considered art?
  2. Discuss the influence of an artist’s perspective on their art.
  3. Discuss the effect of photography on modern art and culture
  4. Is photography still a medium of art or a tool for entertainment?
  5. Discuss the history of color photography
  6. Discuss the evolution of camera photography and its effect on actual photography.
  7. Analyze the seven elements of photography.
  8. Is photography an effective research tool?
  9. Evaluate digital and traditional photography.
  10. Discuss the law surrounding child photography
  11. Discuss the role of photography in portraying war histories.
  12. Discuss the recent trends in digital photography
  13. Portrait photography and Still life photography, which is the easiest form of capturing life?
  14. What is the importance of photography in brand marketing?

Research Project Proposal Ideas

Research proposals are important to gauge your research abilities for your project, and it’s why you must craft the best proposal. We’ve made it easy with 13 research topics you can choose from to write your research project proposal:

  1. Discuss telecommuting as a modern business
  2. How should companies deal with overqualified employees?
  3. Discuss the difference between civil and war crimes
  4. How do leadership skills impact business management?
  5. Does a company’s brand image affect its sales?
  6. Analyze the evolution of customer behavior in the past decade.
  7. Discuss the best strategies for hiring the right employees.
  8. What are the factors that encourage employees’ loyalty toward their employers?
  9. How does the global financial crisis affect big companies?
  10. How has finance helped the evolution of the traditional business to modern business?
  11. Discuss the impact of religion in contemporary society.
  12. Discuss the relationship between food and mental health
  13. Are personality charts science-backed or myths?

Community Project Proposal Ideas

Community projects are interesting papers exposing you to human activities and how they affect the community. These are 10 ideas to help you craft a perfect proposal:

  1. Discuss the effect of hunting on the environment.
  2. What are the contributions of girl-child organizations to the community?
  3. Explain the advantages of CPR sensitization in rural communities.
  4. Discuss the disadvantages of deforestation in rural communities.
  5. Discuss the cultural revolution since the 2000s
  6. Discuss the effect of Asian arts on contemporary arts.
  7. Is technology beneficial or detrimental to rural societies?
  8. Analyze the increasing rate of domestic violence and measures to control it.
  9. Discuss the relevance of traditional values in contemporary communities.
  10. Discuss the effect of communism on modern societies.

Business Proposal Project Ideas

You need a comprehensive topic to write your business project proposal. You can use any of these topics to create a top-notch paper:

  1. Did the lockdown influence consumer buying power?
  2. Discuss effective strategies for promoting small-scale businesses.
  3. Discuss the influence of a healthy work environment on business success.
  4. Discuss the rate of corporate crime in large-scale companies.
  5. What are the realistic initiatives to protect small businesses against large-scale businesses?
  6. Private emails in offices. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  7. Discuss possible solutions to job unemployment.
  8. Investigate the impact of gender discrimination in contemporary office spaces.
  9. Discuss the advantages of healthy conflicts in workplaces.
  10. Do leadership skills determine the growth of businesses?
  11. Do marketing and advertising strategies influence consumer behavior?
  12. Discuss the common problems startup companies encounter.
  13. Are stock markets investments or gambling?
  14. Are women better business managers than men?
  15. Discuss stakeholders’ influence on the success of a company.
  16. Discuss the advantages of online marketing for startups.

Art Project Proposal Ideas

Choosing the right proposal is vital to the success of your project. It also makes it easy to showcase your creativity perfectly. These are 14 art project topics for you:

  1. Evaluate photography as an art.
  2. Discuss the history of art in ancient Rome.
  3. Analyze famous architects and their masterpieces.
  4. Discuss the history of Broadway.
  5. Discuss the similarities and differences between Hollywood and Bollywood.
  6. The role of music theatres in ancient art
  7. Evaluate graffiti as an act of vandalism or art.
  8. Discuss the history of gothic culture in the medieval times
  9. What influence does the Mayan Civilization hold on ancient art?
  10. What role does photography play in the movie industry?
  11. Discuss the impact of digital technology on photography.
  12. Discuss the influence of Islamic architecture on western societies.
  13. Is Japanese calligraphy the finest art of writing?
  14. Discuss the benefits of art as a job opportunity.

Project Management Proposal Ideas

Project management describes using specific knowledge to deliver content or products to people. You need an interesting yet centered topic so you can say “I can do my project the best”, and we offer 11 of them:

  1. Evaluate project risk management in big companies
  2. What are the approaches used in project management to guarantee success?
  3. Discuss the effect of staff productivity on small businesses.
  4. How do insurance companies impact the growth of small businesses?
  5. Explain the importance of virtual teams in a physical organization
  6. Investigate the major causes of project delays in an establishment
  7. Can Blockchain technology protect companies against data breaches, or is it just another temporary hero?
  8. Is the 5G wireless system dominating the future of IT?
  9. Discuss the efficiency of the latest IT technologies used in project management.
  10. Explain the benefits of salary increase on staff’s motivation.
  11. Analyze how reward systems can boost the workforce’s productivity.

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