How To Write An Essay Proposal: Helpful Guideline For Students

how to write an essay proposal

Many students want to learn how to write an essay proposal when joining college. Most learners can read and write a five-paragraph essay when completing secondary education. However, very few students have experience with writing an essay proposal. A proposal is a typical assignment; students can write it based on an essay prompt. This article explains what an essay proposal is and how to write it.

What Is A Proposal Essay?

An essay proposal is a paper that describes or proposes an idea or thesis that you intend to write. It outlines the main points you will discuss in the body of the paper while providing supporting evidence for the proposed argument.

A thesis represents the research and its main idea. However, a proposal essay encapsulates the content and purpose of the paper. It aims to convince the educational committee that the topic and approach are sound, hoping to get you the approval to proceed to the actual research.

Some call it a proposal argument that presents a problem that needs fixing or a necessary change. While people mostly write proposals in economics, management, and businesses, scientists, students, and other professionals write them.

What Is The Goal Of An Essay Proposal?

An essay proposal aims to persuade the reader that your topic is worth investigating. It should include a brief overview of the main points you will discuss in the body of the paper and provide supporting evidence for the proposed argument. Here’s what an effective essay proposal does:

  • It suggests a change or idea.
  • It convinces your readers to adopt a change or view.
  • It shows your mastery of a concept in your field
  • It presents a case for a change process or idea’s implementation
  • It confirms the practicality, applicability, and feasibility of an idea, a program, or a change

Learning how to write essay proposal requires understanding its points. Essentially, this paper should represent a well-explained problem or issue. It proposes a way to solve it and a discussion explaining why your solution is the best.

Why You Might Need An Essay Proposal

You need an essay proposal if your teacher or professor assigns you a research paper. This paper outlines the scope and purpose of your project. And this is helpful because it ensures that the involved parties agree about the project and its content. It states to the stakeholder or decision-maker that you understand your project and its scope.

Learning to write a proposal is essential if you want to score a higher grade for a school or college course you’re taking. Also, this skill is vital if you want to write proposals to get business or project funding. Once you acquire this skill, you can write persuasively on a specific topic without struggling to start.

How To Write A Proposal For An Essay

You do most of the work in the pre-writing stages when writing a proposal essay. Here’s what you should do before starting.

  • Know your readers: This essay aims to convince the audience that you have a worth-pursuing idea. Therefore, know who will read the proposal before you write it. Are you writing for a business person, government officials, or academics? If your readers are business people, justify the proposal by highlighting its potential financial benefits. If it’s for government officials, emphasize the proposal’s popularity.
  • Research: You will have a higher chance of persuading others of the proposal if you have secondary sources supporting your claim. Therefore, talk to experts or read their research before writing your proposal.
  • Pre-write: Take your time to brainstorm ideas before writing the essay. Also, think about ways to organize the views once you have them.
  • Revise: Have a colleague or peer read the paper and provide feedback. After that, incorporate the feedback into your second draft.

Perhaps, you can also read a good essay proposal sample to understand what the readers expect you to include in your paper.

Essay Proposal Example

Here’s a good essay proposal example to take a peak at to shape and inspire your ideas, before we get into the details:

Christianity has not often seen eye to eye with women’s issues, particularly reproductive rights. For many years, Christianity in several forms has suggested that abortion is immoral, considering it to be the termination or murder of an unborn child (Stensvold, 2015). Whilst this terminology is helpful for creating an atmosphere of tension between women seeking abortion and their religious views, it needs to be critically examined for the way that it influences women who are practicing Christians and their attitudes towards their own body. The topic of abortion is also important because it has been traditionally seen as immoral, but more and more women (including practicing Christians) are choosing to undergo the procedure. It needs to be reevaluated in terms of modern society and understood for its significance in Christianity.

Historically, the Catholic Church has been one of the biggest influencers on abortion (Stensvold, 2015). Despite this, Pope Francis has suggested that priests have the authority to absolve the sin of abortion and that it may not necessarily be one of the biggest issues facing the church (Dias, 2015). The Catholic Church is a big player in the general Christian world, and it is important to critically analyse the effects that it has on other churches. The purpose of this research will be to examine the rules and regulations of a variety of different forms of Christianity and their views on abortion with reference to the Catholic Church as a baseline.


The theoretical perspective of structural functionalism will be used as a basis for conducting a thorough literature review on the topic. By analyzing several different sources which explore different Churches and their views on abortion, structural functionalism will help to place the Catholic Church and others in the context of a changing society. As the structure, norms and morality of the outside world changes, so too do the attitudes of religious believers. The literature review will focus on changing attitudes and beliefs surrounding abortion and so-called reproductive rights to analyse them in context of the Church to understand how both society, and the Catholic Church, influence Christian believers of other Churches. The analysis will include the major denominations in the United Kingdom: Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Orthodox, and Presbyterian, as well as brief discussions of non-Trinitarian denominations the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Quakers.


This work is important for several reasons. It will highlight the influence of the Catholic Church on other areas of Christianity, which is important as Catholicism remains the largest denomination. It will also help to highlight the effects of non-religious society on the views of various churches towards sin and absolution, which is important in a rapidly paced, globalized world. It will also help to highlight some of the key differences between denominations of Christianity in the United Kingdom. These three elements will come together to give a full picture on the controversial topic of abortion and the reasoning that many Christians give for its morality or immorality. Understanding this will help guide the ministerial profession into giving good, moral guidance to followers within the Church and to highlight some of the issues that will likely arise in practice.

How To Start A Proposal Essay

Besides indicating your action plan, the proposal should have a theoretical positioning and a relationship to past work in your field. The readers will be more likely to approve your ideas or suggestions if your essay proposal is concise, clear, and engaging.

In most fields, a captivating and persuasive proposal is essential for success. Several proposal types include thesis proposals, book proposals, and science proposals. However, they have similar basic guidelines. Here’s how you can start your proposal.

  • Topic rationale: Demonstrate why the topic is essential in your discipline. Also, include the objective limitations without promising something you can’t deliver.
  • Review past works: Review published works that relate to your topic. Also, explain how your essay builds on the previous studies while exploring new territory.
  • Outline your methodology or approach: Compose an essay proposal outline with the necessary resources, costs, and time for the work.

Different disciplines have varying standards for essay proposals. However, most essay proposals emphasize a specific focus of the study question. Also, they include headings, lists, and visuals, that make reading and cross-referencing easy. Additionally, use a concrete and precise style showing the feasibility of your idea.

How To Write Proposal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have the basic guidelines for writing your essay proposal, the next step is learning the steps to follow when doing it. A good format will help the academic committee comprehend your application’s seriousness or intent. The school, class, or institution you’re submitting the proposal to will determine your proposal’s format. Here’s a general step-by-step guide for writing a proposal.

  1. Introduction: Start by introducing the issue you want to address to the committee. Present a firm introduction to enrapture the readers from the beginning.
  2. Background: The background should provide details of the issue while setting the stage, highlighting past studies on the topic or subject. Address stark facts to show the reason to address the problem immediately. Ideally, start the background with facts instead of your opinion.
  3. Significance: Explain what makes your study significant. Provide evidence from reports, studies, and other literature supporting your argument and showing the need to investigate your chosen topic for a proposal essay.
  4. Research hypotheses or questions: This section should explain your study goals. The hypotheses or questions should guide your analysis. Emphasize the need to solve the problem and how it affects your readers if this doesn’t happen immediately. Use credible facts and sources to support your hypotheses.
  5. Study design: Explain how you plan to conduct your study. Also, address the methodology to use in addressing the issue. In this section, show the readers how you will address the problem, why you choose to do it in a specific way, and the possible outcome.
  6. Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the information you’ve provided in the other sections. Also, explain how the study will address the focus problem. You can conclude the proposal with one or two paragraphs describing how the study will address the issue. Essentially, the conclusion should morrow the introduction while wrapping up the overall message. This section should also address the consequences of the failure to undertake your proposal. Also, leave readers with something to think about and thank them for their consideration.
  7. Bibliography: This section is optional and lists the literature you read supporting your proposal’s content. Continue with the text if you don’t want to add a bibliography.

If some content doesn’t fit in your proposal, add an appendix. However, your proposal shouldn’t be too long because it can scare off some readers. Therefore, make it concise and clear by proofreading and editing. Also, ask somebody to proofread and critique your work to ensure an engaging and attractive presentation. Seeking help can also make your proposal more organized and helpful.

Essay Proposal Format

A basic format or outline will help you organize your proposal. College professors and teachers have expectations. Therefore, check your educator’s or supervisor’s requirements before writing your proposal. Here’s the basic format for an essay proposal.

  • Introduction: The introduction summarizes the main points while establishing your paper’s purpose. For instance, when proposing a new approach to a topic, the opening can start with a brief description and then present an argument telling the audience why your method is the best.
  • Body: The body of a proposal should present an argument supporting the main idea. Include evidence backing up the claim to compose a well-supported essay. And this evidence can be quotes, statistics, or real-life examples. Include sufficient evidence to support the argument.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the argument you presented in the essay. Also, motivate the readers to take action based on your discussion. Most importantly, remind the readers why your topic is essential and its possible impact.

Ensure that each section comes out clearly in your paper. Also, ensure that your ideas flow logically from the introduction to the conclusion.

Tips And Hints On How To Write A Proposal Essay

Your proposal should be eye-catching and captivating. Here are tips to help improve your paper. They should be a great essay homework help and assistance to you!

  • Please do your research: Before beginning to write your proposal essay, it is essential to do your research. And this will help you better understand the topic at hand and will allow you to formulate a more well-rounded argument. It is also essential to be familiar with the opposing side of the debate, as this will enable you to anticipate counterarguments and refute them accordingly.
  • Keep it concise: When writing a proposal essay, it is vital to keep the paper brief and to the point. The goal is not to provide a complete overview of the topic but to present a clear and concise argument for the proposed solution. Be sure to edit the paper carefully before submitting it, as a well-written and well-argued proposal is more likely to be successful than a poorly written one.
  • Make a clear argument: It’s essential to ensure that your view is clear and easy to follow. Remember that the goal is to persuade the reader of the viability of your proposed solution, so be sure to present your argument logically and straightforwardly.
  • Write convincingly: Present evidence and facts to make your solution more convincing and efficient than what exists. Apart from making your plan awesome, ensure that readers see you as the person that can do it efficiently.
  • Explain the plan: Your proposal should have a step-by-step plan with details to make the process easy to understand.
  • Show your anticipation: Present an implementation plan, showing the complete process and how it will solve the problem.
  • Present your desired results: Ensure that readers see and understand your desired results. Focus on defining everything in your proposal.
  • Necessary resources: Explain what you need to complete the project. And this can include tangible resources, like computers, money, and paper. Also, you require intangible resources like time to complete the project.
  • Preparation mode: Ensure that your readers see that you know what you plan to do. Looking more prepared will improve the approval chances for your proposal.

In addition to these tips, edit your proposal essay carefully before submitting it. Ensure it’s free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Additionally, read a sample to know what to include in your proposal.

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